About ZippyShare

ZippyShare is revolutionizing the way people share their media content across the internet. The process of sharing is quite simple. First, create an account in order to access more functionality of the website. Creating an account is free and no maintenance charges whatsoever. Many people would love such a storage and download site where it has the free membership option. Other websites are likely to charge a small fee for storing the data. ZippyShare asks the users to follow its terms of services in order to make it a great place for many other people who come to share their media too.

The maximum size of a file a person can upload at time is 200mb. For large files, there are software that can help in breaking the files into smaller parts. The parts can later be recombined after the download is complete. Most people have come across storage and download sites that will limit the number of downloads per IP address. ZippyShare does not have such issues. It offers unlimited access and download to any content stored on their servers. Do not worry about the disk space as they offer unlimited disk space for your storage. Higher download speeds are what makes people come back to use the services provided by Zippyshare.

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