About Uploaded

Uploaded is among the oldest file storage and download sites around. They have been in the business for a long time to understand what it takes to present something impressive to its members. The key to their success is the continuous engagement with the members. They listen to the member complaints in order to learn know how to serve them better. Different people might have different needs for a site to implement. They have to choose those features that will be applicable to as many people as possible. Satisfying the needs of many people is what keeps Uploaded among the favorite sites for people to use for storage of their files at any time.

Get impressed by the simple website design that seems to encourage you to stay on the website as long as possible. Uploaded supports the use of a new tool called uDrive. The uDrive helps the members of Uploaded to sync their new files with the existing ones in the cloud. This saves time and you never know when you will need the files. The uDrive tool runs on both Windows and Mac environment. For those people having a problem with uploading files, there are some clear guidelines on how to do that on the Uploaded website.

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