About TusFiles

Even the free members get to enjoy the free space of up to 1TB all you have to do is create a free account. TusFiles have been around for some time too and they know exactly what a user would want in a storage and download site. They know how people hate to wait for a download to begin, as the clock has to count down first. The worst part is that after waiting for the file, the download speeds are not even close to being good. All these have been eliminated on TusFiles platform. You get to enjoy your time on the website. Unlimited storage space is for those who have a premium account.

These days’ people always check out the security of a website before using it. TusFiles is secured with SSL, which we know is the best in the industry at what it does. Most famous websites are protected using the same technology of SSL. Any content uploaded to TusFiles has a guaranteed assurance that it will stay safe from any prying eyes. Most storage and download files will delete your files after 30 days of inactivity; TusFiles give you up to 180 days of inactivity. That is six months of keeping your files even if you are not accessing them.

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