About SendSpace

SendSpace has an app that can be installed on Android phones for easy management of files. Many websites are now creating apps to help their users to access their content easily. SendSpace app makes it easy for a person using a mobile device to upload and download their files without needing a personal computer. This does not mean that people with personal computers do not have any tools to use. SendSpace has a desktop tool that can be used in the same way as the app. Simply download from the official SendSpace website and proceed with the installation. After the installation process, it is just easy to upload and download files from your SendSpace account. The SendSpace tools are available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

From the SendSpace official website, it is easy to note that many top companies to host files trust them. This shows that even big corporations looking for cheap and easy ways to manage their information flow can use SendSpace. Getting a high trust score from various companies is not easy unless you truly deserve it. SendSpace provides its customers with three account options. Each package is well explained to help people really understand what they are likely to get from using the selected package.

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