About RedBunker

People always associate a bunker for a place that is secure. RedBunker chose the name to convey a message to the users that all their data and files will be safe on their servers. As many other big companies face the threat of cybercrimes, RedBunker is yet to suffer such cases. The reason is that they understand the importance of having an impressive security for the users. Queenshare over the years updated their website to ensure that it is safe from any malicious attacks. All this is documented in their FAQ section where people are always asking about the security of the website.

RedBunker has a unique feature that helps a person to clone his or her files after the upload is complete. Cloning the files is important to ensure that there is always a copy of that important document somewhere. Such documents come in handy when one goes missing and they are required urgently. For those people who have trouble using the website services, there is a how to section that explains everything. From this section, you can learn about how to upload the files, download them, and do file restriction procedures. You can send a contact form to the support team in order to get more information about the services provided by the company.

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