About HitFile

Forget about having to register or wait before downloading any file. HitFile makes it possible for people to download their favorite files at fast speeds without even being a member. This is thanks to their powerful servers that make it possible to enjoy the high speeds. Resume your downloading sites in case of an internet connection problem. Sometimes it is not a person’s fault that they have an internet connectivity issue. HitFile understands the common internet glitches that are why it also supports different download managers. Get to download your files easily with download managers that have the resume capability that many people love.

To make people love their services, HitFile has come up with a genius way to test their premium membership. They offer people to download a file from their server in order to feel the high speeds associated with a premium account. HitFile offers different ways a person can upload files to their servers. One can use the FTP client, or straight from other file servers. This way you do not have to download the files before uploading them to the HitFile servers again. For people who are not yet ready to purchase a premium account, they can always opt for a free account that has many features too.

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