About DepositFiles

Many storage and download companies are likely to say that they will give you unlimited file size storage but it seems like there is always some strings attached. Most people simply get their files deleted, as they never read the terms of services. Things are different at DepositFiles; they give you straight forwards terms of services before even signing up. They promise to store your files on their servers free for as long as you want. To get such service from another company, money must be exchanged in return.

In most cases, the amount of maximum upload file size for many companies is probably 1GB or less than that. DepositFiles makes it more entertaining by offering the limit as 10GB. Not many people actually get to upload files of 10GB. That is a huge relief for people who love to share large files. They no longer have to break them into smaller files before uploading them. DepositFiles has now released a free software to help people to easily upload and download files. You can download the personal files from anywhere in the world, even if you do not have their software installed on the personal computer. It is now easy to protect your download files with a password. Only those people with a password can download the files.

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